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PAPELERA CARBÓ S.A. is the current continuation of the old paper mill "d'en Ferrer" located in the municipality of Torrelavit.

Among the documents that keeps the family is a script of the sixteenth century on the water concession granted to the mill by the Abbey of Montserrat.

The company logo is a watermark of the eighteenth century reproduced from the book "Paper and watermarks in Catalonia" by Oriol Valls.

Today PAPELERA CARBÓ S.A. imports, processes and distributes:

  • Paperboard
  • Compact cardboard
  • Kraft Liner Board
  • Coated paperboard
  • Testliner
  • Kraft paper
  • Special papers

thus covering the most demanded references in the markets in which it operates.

Our values


Ability to produce sufficient benefit to the company and its customers.


Easy to implement inputs quickly and efficiently.


Attitude of the company to not boast of the achievements and recognize the weaknesses.

We hope that this website will be of help to know both our company and our products.